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The WSF Board of Directors continues to work to secure the company’s professional and financial future.

Thornton Davidson, President (Thornton Davidson, Attorney at Law)
Hal H. Bolen II, Chief Financial Officer (Bolen, Fransen, Sawyers, Attorneys at Law)
Christopher L. Campbell, Member, Technical Director (Baker, Manock & Jensen, Attorneys at Law)


Greg Taber, Executive Producer
Greg coordinates and drives WSF production. Here he is able to continue his 30 year love affair with theatre, working to build actor capacity and to promote a vision of excellence in community-based theatre.

With Season 13, Greg begins his sixth year as WSF’s Executive Producer. He holds a BFA in Acting from the University of Southern California and has acted locally since 1982. He is founder, with wife Lisa, of Theatre Ventoux, where he acted in or directed This Flattering Glass (an adaptation of Richard II), Childe Byron, King Lear, and 12 Angry Men. His WSF acting credits include Much Ado About Nothing (Benedick), Romeo and Juliet (Mercutio), The Merchant of Venice (Antonio), and Henry V (Pistol). He adapted, directed and acted in WSF’s 10th season production of Macbeth, and, with Broderic Beard, its 11th season production of Richard III. He co-directed Theatre Ventoux’s production of ‘night, Mother and acted in its production of Joshua Taylor’s original play, An Actor Prepares. For the Live Theatre Company and Theatre Ventoux, Greg played Creon in Antigone, and, for Theatre Ventoux, he played Tupolski in Martin McDonagh’s The Pillowman. In the spring of 2016 he directed a repertory production of Romeo and Juliet and Hamlet for Theatre Ventoux entitled Angels, Burning Brightly.

Broderic Beard, Associate Producer / Performance & Design / Movement
As Associate Producer, Broderic helps to coordinate and execute all aspects of WSF production. His work includes a specific emphasis on directing and design, as well as working to enhance actors’ awareness of their bodies in performance and how to use them more effectively. He also serves as the company’s principal set and light designer.

Broderic  has worked on and off stage with Children’s Musical Theaterworks, ART, San Francisco Theater Festival, and Cali Pub Theater. Past WSF acting credits include Macbeth (Donalbain) and The Tempest (Ferdinand). Broderic co-directed Theatre Ventoux’s production of ‘night, Mother and acted in its production of Joshua Taylor’s original play, An Actor Prepares. For the Live Theatre Company and Theatre Ventoux, he played Haemon in Antigone.  He co-directed and played four parts WSF’s season 11 production of Richard III, played Valentine in The Two Gentlemen of Verona, and Adam in The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged.) For Theatre Ventoux, he directed and played Katurian in their production of Martin McDonagh’s The Pillowman. In the spring of 2016 he played both Romeo and Hamlet in Theatre Ventoux’s repertory production Angels, Burning Brightly.

Broderic will direct this season’s production of Hamlet.

Kayla M. Weber, Associate Producer / Performance & Aesthetics / Dramaturgy
Along with helping to coordinate and execute all of WSF’s production elements, Kayla works particularly with building actor and performance capacity. She also provides artistic and aesthetic oversight, and serves as the company’s dramaturg.

Kayla has been heavily involved in theatre since high school. Her acting credits include GCPs The Importance of Being Earnest (Cecily) and WSFs Macbeth. She recently starred in Theatre Ventoux’s production of ‘night, Mother, and directed and acted in its production of Joshua Taylor’s original play, An Actor Prepares. She was featured in the title role of The Live Theatre and Theatre Ventoux’s collaboration of Jean Anouilh’s Antigone. For WSF’s 11th season she played Lady Anne in Richard III and Sylvia in The Two Gentlemen of Verona. She played Ariel in Theatre Ventoux’s recent production of Martin McDonagh’s The Pillowman and is currently developing an adaptation of Shakespeare’s King Lear. In the spring of 2016 she played both Juliet and Ophelia in Theatre Ventoux’s repertory production Angels, Burning Brightly. 

Julia Reimer, Education & Outreach / YES! Project Director
Julia developed and leads WSF’s primary outreach effort, The YES! Project. She also advises on artistic and production matters.

Julia is currently on the faculty at Fresno Pacific University, where she chairs the Theater department, teaches and directs. Areas of expertise are Performance Studies (PhD) and Applied Theater (MA). She is a founding member of the WSF Board.

Celeste Johnston, Artistic Advisory – Costumes 
Celeste works as the company’s principal costumer.

Celeste spent seven years in England studying Renaissance literature  with an emphasis on Shakespeare. It was during a stint at the Shakespeare Institute in Stratford-upon-Avon, studying performance history, that she had the opportunity to costume shows. She has been acting and costuming ever since.

Anjanette Schmidt, Finance & Logistics


Legacies have played a significant role in WSF’s success, but may or may not be directly involved with the current season.

  • Adam Meredith — Performance
  • Ann Vermel — Aesthetics, Performance
  • Brooke Aiello — Costume, Education, Performance
  • Debora Crockett Bolen — Costume, Hair, Makeup
  • Gabriela Lawson — Performance, Production
  • Jennifer Hurd-Peterson — Performance
  • Manny Jacquez — Dramaturgy
  • Michael Peterson — Design, Performance, Production


  • City of Fresno, PARCS Department
  • California Arts Academy
  • Fresno Pacific University
  • Fresno County Public Library
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