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Direction by Broderic Beard

Thursday – Friday – Saturday @ 8:00
June 16 – July 16

Featuring the Artistry of

  • Claudius … Thomas Nance
  • Gertrude … Lisa Taber
  • Gravedigger … Celeste Johnston
  • Gravedigger … Jonathan Gledhill
  • Guildenstern … Karina Rodriguez
  • Hamlet … Broderic Beard
  • Horatio … Dylan Hardcastle
  • Laertes … Casey Ballard
  • Ophelia … Victoria Lichti
  • Player King … Russell Noland
  • Polonius … Greg Taber
  • Rosencrantz … Renee Newlove

Production Team

  • Greg Taber, Assistant Director
  • Kayla M. Weber, Stage Manager
  • Celeste Johnston, Costumes
  • Broderic Beard, Set & Lights
  • Joshua Taber, Sound & Music


The Director
Broderic graduated from the Roosevelt High School Performing Arts Magnet Program where he acquired his love for artistic and technical theatre. He has worked on and off stage with Theatre Ventoux, Children’s Musical Theaterworks, ART, San Francisco Theater Festival, WSF, and Cali Pub Theater. Past WSF acting credits include Henry V, Inherit the Wind, Macbeth (Donalbain) and The Tempest (Ferdinand). Broderic was assistant director for Theatre Ventoux’s production of ‘night, Mother and directed its recent production of The Pillowman, in which he also played Katurian.  Last season, he co-directed WSF’s Richard III.

Theatre is about the real-time unfolding of a story. Unlike a novel or a film or some other form, a theatrical story happens right in front of you with real people acting it out. This gives it an immediacy and a vibrancy that no other form can lay claim to. Theatre is about exploring the human condition, and few plays do that as well as Hamlet. Unfortunately, most people are all too familiar with the basic Hamletian tropes, not to mention the gaping holes: why doesn’t Hamlet become king on his father’s death? why does he treat Rosencrantz and Guildenstern so much differently than Horatio if they’re all friends? how much does Gertrude know? The list goes on. With these ideas in mind, I hope to present a Hamlet that is fresh and immediate and that strives to resolve these issues to create a more satisfying and evocative experience. Our audience deserves the best; it’s my job to give it to them.

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